Version 1.0 just released!

Fiver - The Game
Fiver is a tiny puzzle boardgame. Its objective is to convert all white to black pieces. Clicking left on a piece with the mouse will turn its colour to the opposite one, i.e. a white piece will turn black and a black piece will turn white. Also the pieces above, below, to the right and to the left will change their colours according this rule.

Fiver - The Application
Right clicking somewhere on the game board will bring up a popup menu where you can choose from different options:
  • New Game - choose the boardsize:
    Either choose one of the predefined sizes (3x3 up to 15x15)
    or enter another size (up to 30x30) by clicking the 'Other...' option.
  • Reset - restart the current game
  • Save Game - save the current game
  • Load Game - load a saved game
  • Replay Game - autoplay feature for replaying savegames
  • Skin - choose your favourite skin
  • Sound Off - toggle sound on and off
  • Exit

If the game's task is completed, all pieces will start to blink. Then you can either restart the same game or choose another boardsize.

Fiver - Download
Download the latest version:

fiver-installinstaller (155kb)

Thanks fly out to seb for creating the click-sound.